Fury vs Wallin

Fury vs Wallin: Welcome to Watch The fighting game is still hot as we advance towards the end of 2019. With huge struggles against PPV boxing associations and blockbusters on the horizon, the last three months of the year could be the best that we have never seen boxing.

Although Manny Pacquiao is back twice in 2019, there is still plenty of welterweight and heavyweight action. Errol Spence Jr. and Shawn Porter will face three of the recognized 147-pound belts in September. In addition, live heavyweight champion Tyson Fury is back in his final recovery for a much-anticipated rematch with Deontay Wilder. Wilder, on the other hand, has not yet officially booked his revenge against Luis Ortiz.

Probably the biggest sports star is back in action in November when Canelo Alvarez faces Sergey Kovalev for the WBO light heavyweight title. Alvarez will raise 15 pounds to win a world title in a fourth league.This is the kind of ambition that everyone likes to see among the best fighters, especially at a time when so many fantasy fights exist only in the fantasies of battle fans.To make his dreams come true, Fury must take care of Wallin, his second-best opponent since he faced Wilder. At the start of the year, the 31-year-old quickly defeated Tom Schwarz with a second-round TKO, although he provided a lot of entertainment in a short time.

Fans, who will turn Saturday night, hope for a similar show that would justify qualifying for another shift. Anger does not have to belong to the world of heavyweight boxing – this prize is probably Andy Ruiz Jr. or Wilder – but you would not know how it works.After a few years of mental illness, drugs and alcohol after his famous victory over undisputed heavyweight champion Wladimir Klitschko in 2015, Fury is clearly looking for a better place to hold press conferences before the fight. Anger was evident when Wallin joked and grinned a few days before they punched each other.

He is a big and rich man who lives in a vicious and brutal sport, but it emerges from his interviews that he tries to stay on the path of enlightenment. Wallin, a 28-year-old Swede who lives in his Carrière has not fought against any of the most famous fighters and is only fighting for the second time in the United States, it will be a difficult time. Fury recently told BBC Sport’s Luke Reddy that he had found her. “Happiness in itself” and no longer seek satisfaction in material things:I really discovered that happiness does not come from success or strengths, it comes from within, with satisfaction, who you are, I can not be happier, if I had 10 zeroes in my bank account it could not be. ” Make me happier. I can only wear these shoes and sleep in a bed. You can only drive one car – whether it’s a Rolls Royce or a trash can, they all do the same thing. “

This peaceful and cheerful behavior is neither an act nor a sign that Fury has lost all finesse. He was just as stupid in building the fight against blacks and he was absolutely dominant. Fury also needs his training to rescue him by Reddy. The process of becoming one of the best sports fighters is inextricably linked to his newfound happiness.When Fury is in his game, it’s amazing to see him with long rubbery limbs, big head movements, delicate combinations and a sense of drama.This boxing compilation on BT Sport shows just how much fun Fury can have, even when he’s on the defensive:

His last fight was a draw against Nick Kisner in April. There is little reason to believe that Wallin is ready for Saturday’s defeat, though Bloody Elbow’s Fraser Coffeen has noted that his left-handed position could give Fury something to think about:Fury does not have much experience with the Southpaw fighters, but in recent fights, Francesco Pianeta has been the only one Fury has dominated, but from a technical perspective, you can do whatever you want.” can get if you are in Camp Wallin “.

Maybe the left-hander strategy gives Fury too much to think about and he eats a punch that changes his life. Hopes Wallin here. He needs a distracted and blurry anger on Saturday night. Unfortunately, Fury seems to be able to operate the switch when needed and stoop at night.The hope is that Fury will face another surrealist opponent on the way to victory – a forerunner needed to fight Wilder in 2020. Then Fury can score with the sport’s most dangerous thug and prove his skills. Claiming the linear heavyweight title is more than just personal promotion. It’s a plan for fans of Fury and Boxing.

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